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Were you involved in a crime prevention initiative ?

We, the EUCPN, in association with the Mid Sweden University (MIUN), are conducting a research to assess the experiences of the European Member States performing evaluations in activities aimed at crime prevention. The aim is to gain insight into existing practices as well as into characteristics of those activities that might not have been evaluated.
The research has the objective to reach as many crime prevention initiatives as possible, including those that were well-funded, received great publicity and perhaps targeted a vast population, but also other actions of smaller magnitude, with smaller budgets and more limited aims that probably were not evaluated. Only if it is guaranteed the access to all type of crime prevention activities, carried out by different authorities and institutions within each country, it will be possible design successful, supportive strategies that may serve us all. Recommendations and best practices will be formulated using the body of evidence established via inquiry.
Therefore the university is now recruiting participants in EU countries who were responsible for or part of the team that designed, executed or evaluated a crime prevention initiative. Participants are invited to answer an online questionnaire, available in 22 languages, through this link.
The research team would be grateful if you, who have had an active role in a crime prevention, answer the questionnaire. Likewise, it would be of great help if you spread the information to people in your network that may serve as participants.
More information about the project and the researchers is available on MIUN’s webpage.


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