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Our European partner, Efus, invites you every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm for a series of one hour thematic webconferences. Moderated by our team with contributions of one or more local actors and experts, these online debates will be the opportunity to share your experiences of the crisis. These webconferences are firstly intended for Efus members, but are also open to interested non-members, subject to availability. They will be held in English or in French. Please note that you have to register seperately for each session.

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The SARS-CoV-2 and the measures taken to control its spread affect all of us, however they hit those inhabitants of our cities who are already coping with difficult living conditions particularly hard. In the early stages of the epidemic and the shutdown, it quickly became clear that the lives of homeless persons and people who use drugs in public space are particularly affected. The services municipalities provided to these groups have difficulties adapting to the measures taken, and partly had to be limited or even suspended. In this situation, local authorities and harm reduction workers are faced with many pressing questions : How can harm reduction services adapt and keep running ? What support is needed and possible in cases of suspected or confirmed infections ? How can quarantine measures be implemented in situations of homelessness and/or active drug use ? Cities and NGOs are closely cooperating to find responses to these questions – this session will enable an exchange on these responses and related issues.

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