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Call for practices Just & Safer Cities for all : Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence throughout Europe

Acts of discriminatory violence, including hate-speech, have increased in a worrying way over the last few years in Europe. This phenomenon, which runs counter to the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, represents a real threat to democracy.Although racist, xenophobic and homophobic behaviours are officially criminal in all EU member states, they continue to happen, threatening social cohesion and citizens’ safety. Thus, in addition to legal and penal responses, it seems that preventive measures must be strengthened in order to combat this problem. Due to their proximity to citizens, local authorities can play a particularly important role in terms of prevention and awareness-raising and can therefore contribute to creating a climate where discrimination, hate-speech and violence are not acceptable. Thus, the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus, by its english acronym) has put into place the “Just & Safer Cities for All” project, in partnership with eight European organisations, in order to raise awareness among local authorities about preventing and fighting against acts of discriminatory violence and propose responses for them to implement at the local level. With this objective in mind, a European call for practices has been launched in order to gather existing innovative initiatives on this topic at the local level. Fifty practices will be selected from this call to be published in a Manual of Best Practices. This manual will be disseminated across Europe in order to promote local actions and encourage local authorities to act.

Respond to the call before 11/12/2016 to make your action known and contribute to fighting against acts of discriminatory violence!

Resumed call.


Contact en Belgique :
Laetitia Nolet, Chargée de mission du Forum Belge
Site web du FBPSU

Contact en France :
Emilie Petit : Chargée de mission FFSU
Camille Jannel : Chargée de mission
Site web du Forum Français

Contacts Forum Européen :
Pilar De La Torre, Chargée de mission EFUS
Carla Napolano, Chargée de mission EFUS
Site web du Forum Européen

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